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Todd James: There's No Place Like Home @ Over The Influence

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Today marks my last day in LA. it's also the last day hanging out with my brothers @frenchinald and @thatsmileykid. We decided to do something both special and a little ironic and see Todd James work at a local gallery. Ironic as the title of the show is "There's No Place Like Home" 'cause even though we've been out here for a few weeks, none of us are ready to go back home. That being said Todd James is one of the few artists that reminds me of what I'm doing this all for. His works draw you in and keep you there, which is my intention behind creating art. This show was exceptionally engaging as I got to see some of his biggest works (dimensionally). There's so much details packed into his pieces, I urge you to see them in person if you haven't already.

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